Organic Agriculture Sovereignty

Co-creating sovereignty & empowering communities through regenerative agriculture

Global Relationships

Indigenous Relations / Allyship, Economy & Trade


Connection, Purpose, Support

Education Through Cultural Exchange

Evolving the way we learn about the world through real life experiences

Web3 Development

Providing access to opportunities through the use of alternative funding methods and governance infrastructure

Co-developing Regenerative Systems
with Indigenous Nations To Conserve the Natural World

About Sun Nation

- Sun Nation focuses on collaborative developments with indigenous communities; co-creating regenerative systems that align with ancient wisdom to tackle the modern day global issues that we collectively face.- We go to the source, which allows us to create a strong foundation based on positivity.- We believe that by going back to our roots, we can re-member and relearn the importance of the connection to the earthly elements.- Sun Nation is a bridge, for under-acknowledged nations and communities, which provides access to the necessary resources that actively promote sovereign rights, organic food security, and unity. --All of which are being challenged by outside forces.

Core Values

- Integrity, Transparency, Authenticity, Security- Acknowledging the Rights of Nature- The Importance of Collaboration & Community- Living by The Four Agreements


Bio-Regional Research

Data collection, community stake holders, networking, natural ecosystems

Indigenous Coffee & Cacao

Regenerating and preserving land through production

Global Media Production

Loan Program

Regeneration & Reforestation

Protect Bisigungwy

Water Conservation

Award winning project in an externship with National Geographic and the Nature Conservancy

Empowering Sovereignty for Communities & People by Empowering Organic Agriculture

Micro Lending ProgramSeed BanksComposting

Conscious Education Through Cultural Exchange

Coffee & Cacao Origin Tours
Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mts. Colombia

Global Relationships

Arhuaco / Iku
Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Moya Mena

La Guijira

Web3 Development


Gatherings, workshops, hackathons, conferences, harmonizations, immersions, festivals, & more


Commodities & Logistics
Infrastructure Management & Development
Global Management Consultancy
Blockchain Consultancy
Tribal Advisory

Video Library

* Sun Nation has teamed up and partnered with
content producers to spread messages and awareness